KIDS of ACTION event!

Kids of Action stuffed bags of school supplies before our weekly meeting on Aug. 8th. The bags will be delivered to an orphanage in Uganda by Rotarians David & Rachel Jordan. When asked how putting the supplies together for kids on the other side of the world made them feel, the kid volunteers replied.

“Awesome”    “Great!”    “It makes me feel good.”
“It’s nice to know we’re helping kids who are in need.”    “Do we really get cupcakes after this?”


More info on this and more events coming soon!

Learn how your kids can become KIDS of ACTION!

Helping others is the best way for children to build strong morals.
Resolve to make a difference in your community this year.

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Benefits of Service

The benefits are enormous. Volunteering teaches even toddlers and preschoolers about compassion, empathy, tolerance, gratitude, and community responsibility.

A Way of Life

Children who volunteer are more likely to continue doing so as adults. “It sounds cliché, but my kids realize that small things they do can make a big difference,”

Making it Work

Once you’ve decided on a project, explain to your children exactly what to expect. Be enthusiastic about what you’re doing and explain why the job is important.

Getting Started

An easy way to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area is to call your local volunteer center and describe your location, interests, and the ages of your children.

Great Ways Kids Can Help:

  1. Donate clothing, tents, sleeping bags, and tarps to Coffee Oasis to help homeless kids in Bremerton, Port Orchard, or Poulsbo.
  2. Clean out pantry and donate non-expired goods to the food helpline.
  3. Bring a garbage bag and some gloves to clean up litter at the Clear Creek Trail.
  4. Spend some time at the Tracyton Cemetery to respectfully clean up brush.
  5. Volunteer your time at the Kitsap Humane Society
  6. Beach Clean-up!
  7. Volunteer at your school.
  8. Donate a Smilepac for Children of the Nations
  9. Walk or bike to fight disease through various organizations- Relay 4 life
  10. Activity boxes with games, toys, or coloring books for the local children hospital
  11. Visit a nursing home
  12. Start a community garden
  13. Clean up garbage in your neighborhood
  14. Make homeless care packages to hand out when you spot someone asking for help. Example: toothbrush, wet wipes, bottle of water, snack, maybe a gift card to the grocery store, and some warm socks.
  15. Put food and water out for stray animals
  16. Volunteer at the local library putting away books, organizing, or reading to others.
  17. Park clean up!
  18. Sell lemon aid, iced tea, or cookies to donate to a local nonprofit you care about.
  19. Write thank you notes to local police, fire, &/or medic units for all the work they do to keep the people of Silverdale safe.
  20. Get involved in a Scouting group that is regularly involved in outreach activities
  21. A mothers’ helper to a new mom
  22. Plant flowers at your school, the firehouse, or police station (with permission).
Above all, have fun. You might consider teaming up with another family, inviting one of your child’s friends to help out, or stopping for a picnic in the park or ice cream on the way home. What initially may seem like another task on your to-do list can become a wonderful bonding experience for your family.


Email us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Plus, we’ll let you know when we have a kid’s appropriate volunteer event.

Service above self – not a bad way of life!